Business School

BSC offers highly ranked graduate and post-graduate programmes in Business, Management, Finance and Business Law, in the tradition of leading Business Schools.

The programmes in Business School at the Polonia University offer a Bachelor and Master degrees that provide students with knowledge of Business Administration and Economics. The degree is awarded on the basis of core and specialized courses:


1. Business Management
2. International Relations in Economisc
3. Accounting and corporate finance
4. Business Administration
5. Business Integrated Environmental Management

1. International Economic and Legal Relations
2. Business Financial and Banking
3. Diplomacy and Negotiations in Business
4. Business Human Resources Management
5. Interdyscyplinary Environmental Management

• we offer the possibility to obtain highly recognized qualifications with crucial skills required in global economy, international finance, foreign affairs, international trade or diplomatic service;
• our graduates are highly valued by international companies;
• we offer very well-equipped teaching laboratories (comprehensive technical services)
• we offer special courses for international students, incl. Polish language programmes;
• we help to find suitable private accommodation;
• the school is situated near the international pilgrimage site, Jasna Góra;
• study in friendly, multicultural metropolis;
• Polonia University is located 200 km from Warsaw, 140 from Krakow, 160 km from Wroclaw.

Business School in Częstochowa
tel. +48 34 36 84 200

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