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Practical profile: 180 ECTS credits – YES; 6 semesters – YES; Full-time – YES; 50% of classes online  – YES; study from any place in the world – YES; in Polish language – NO; Bachelor’s thesis – NO; Classes in other languages – NO; Internship or apprenticeship: 50% of the study program – YES; Modular online classes, lectures, exercises – YES; Classes in English-YES; Individual Organization of Studies – YES; Other activities: Language certificates – YES; Soft trainings – YES; Confirmation of learning outcomes – YES. The main field of study: economics and finance. Polish Qualifications Framework (PQF) and European Qualifications Framework (EQF) – level VI. Scholarships – YES; Student loans – YES; Erasmus + studies and internships – YES


Employees of  business psychology  contribute to the evolution of the organization in which they work and society in general. A graduate of the Business psychology  program looks critically, presents original proposals for actions and assesses their effectiveness and fairness. Practices rigorous analytical and critical skills. He works in professions related to market research and companies dealing with the recruitment of employee potential. He is driven by a desire to be creative and is able to transform initiatives into economic or social reality, organize these activities and find the resources necessary to consolidate them. Business psychology is primarily science based on Revas business simulations in the field of psychology, marketing, management and economics. Business psychology is the latest technology that uses programs in companies that are used in professions such as: HR business partner, project leader, purchasing specialist, negotiator, personnel consultant, communication manager. The use of knowledge in the field of knowledge of psychology with the specialization of processes in the field of economics and management confirms the acquired skills. We rely on how to analyze and evaluate employees’ behavior, how to identify and understand their needs, emotions, abilities and on effective use in building the organization’s potential, creating motivated teams that work to achieve common goals to provide the most qualitative and current knowledge, which will be useful in the labor market. Teachers conducting classes are mostly people working in leading training and business companies, training and consulting companies, banks and financial institutions, thanks to which they pass on very practical knowledge in the field of business psychology.


To become a good specialist in business psychology, You have to be guided by the desire to understand how the organization of work in a given company works, learn how psychological knowledge is used there, how a real psychologist works in business, to make a useful contribution to economic development of organization and society. You will learn how to use mechanisms of influence, including effective negotiations and mediation, as well as effective team management, acquiring the skills of practical application as well as analysis and optimization of processes in the field of personnel selection, employment and implementation of employees, development of their potential in the organization and solutions of problems and conflicts related to work. You will learn the basics of effective team management, allowing You to use the acquired knowledge in Your professional life. With us You will not only gain practical knowledge, but also build Your own experience during professional practice. It will be useful especially to build Your own image, but also to give You a look at how to create practical and useful life projects.


Our graduates work in the following sectors: personnel consultant, communication manager, business psychologist.



The program offers You basic training in psychology, ethics of psychological profession, training of interpersonal skills, public relations, team management, intercultural communication and solid knowledge of specific topics in the field of people and team management, effective business management. You will acquire knowledge that simply interests You. The choice of modules in the program Business psychology is very diverse, so that everyone can find and choose something for themselves. Investigating problems and their areas of application: reality of negotiation, leadership and dealing with situations of conflict and crisis, etc .; the ability to think critically and make decisions, and the ability to understand, communicate and be creative. After completing Your first-cycle studies with a Bachelor’s degree, You’ll continue Your second-cycle and post-graduate studies.

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