Practical profile: 120 ECTS credits – YES; 4 semesters – YES; Full-time – YES; up to 100% of classes online  – YES; study from any place in the world – YES; in Polish language – NO;  Classes in other languages – NO; Modular online classes, lectures, exercises – YES; Classes in English-YES; Individual Organization of Studies – YES; Other activities: Language certificates – YES; Soft trainings – YES; Confirmation of learning outcomes – YES. The main field of study: health sciences. Polish Qualifications Framework (PQF) and European Qualifications Framework (EQF) – level VII. Scholarships – YES; Student loans – YES; Erasmus + studies and internships – YES.


Studies for graduates of the Bachelor’s degree in nursing. Nursing employees contribute to the evolution of the organization in which they work and society in general. A graduate of the Nursing program looks critically, presents original proposals for activities in the field of nursing and other medical sciences. They train competences and extensive knowledge in the field of professional care at all ages and health. They work in a profession related to the highest level of social trust. They are guided by the desire to be creative, obtain world-class education to practice the profession of independent nurse, they organize and supervise nursing care taking into account adopted theories and concepts of care, organize subordinate and own work in accordance with applicable law, safeguarding the interests of patients, employees and organizations of medical environment. They are prepared to work in managerial positions in public and private healthcare institutions, including hospitals, nursing and care facilities, palliative and hospice care centers and social care homes.

Nursing is primarily science based on the development of the profession, knowledge and practice of nursing, conducting information exchange, organization and supervision of nursing care of selected social environment. The acquired competences confirm the preparation for profession of a nurse. We rely on specialist nursing, medical sciences and medical didactics courses to provide the most qualitative and up-to-date knowledge that will be useful on the labor market. Teachers conducting classes are mostly high-quality practitioners working in health care, at medical universities, thanks to which they pass on very practical knowledge of work in nursing. Experienced lecturers. Developed didactic base equipped with the latest simulation equipment in the laboratories: nursing skills, high fidelity nursing simulations, advanced rescue operations, basic rescue operations, technical skills and other laboratories. The Monoprofile Center for Medical Simulation of Polonia University allows for the implementation of exercises and practical classes on site. At the same time, the university facilitates practical classes and professional practice outside the university in health care facilities. Most classes are conducted by videoconferencing and distance learning.



To become a good nurse, You have to have medical, pharmacological and nursing knowledge in various medical specialties to make a useful contribution to the profession of a nurse. You will gain extensive competence and knowledge as well as a prestigious medical profession. You will be prepared to independently act as a nurse, and You will also learn interdisciplinary competences that allow You to use the acquired knowledge in Your professional life. With us You will not only gain practical knowledge, but also build Your own experience during the student’s professional practice. It will be useful especially to build Your own image, but also to give You a look at how to create practical and useful life projects.





Our graduates work in the following sectors: diagnostic, therapeutic, rehabilitation, health promotion. They hold managerial functions in public and private medical facilities, sanatoriums, nursing homes, sheltered work establishments, and industrial medicine.


The program offers You basic training in the areas of service provision, health promotion, pro-health prophylaxis and disease prevention and other health activities. You will acquire knowledge that simply interests You. The choice of modules in the Nursing program is very diverse, so that everyone can find and choose something for themselves. Investigating medical problems and their areas of application: organizing and supervising nursing care, organizing the work of subordinates, assessing the quality of nursing care, etc .; the ability to think critically and make decisions, and the ability to understand, communicate and be creative. After graduating with a Master’s degree, You will be able to undertake third-cycle (doctoral) and post-graduate studies.

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