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POLONIA UNIVERSITY IN CZESTOCHOWA is located in the very heart of the city, surrounded by two parks and constitutes a unique complex with modern architecture providing a friendly and inspiring learning atmosphere. The Polonia University campus attracts domestic and foreign students and ensures indispensable facilities and services: accommodation, canteens, medical and social services, sports centres, pastoral care and many more. Students also have the opportunity to join various student organisations, clubs, associations.

At Polonia University, we believe that education should consist in gaining knowledge, skills, qualifications, participating in research, and providing services to the community. At the heart of education we place the preparation for future career which is gained through participation in classes organised around the University mission – involvement and commitment to the modern world. University studies ensure modern and sustainable development. Thanks to new, interactive communication technologies, educational methods and innovative learning, studying becomes much more engaging.


Special features


Thanks to our cooperation with local business, we are able to provide education which corresponds to the requirements of the job market. Horizontal education is interdisciplinary and diverse.

We offer support in developing students’ professional profiles by providing individual guidance, internships, foreign trips, and the services of our Career Centre.

Computerised University supports interdisciplinary education and growth, as well as creative teaching.

Our Academic Education Quality System is a guarantee of high quality education.

Participation in research and practical training gives each student an opportunity for innovative growth.

Student mobility thanks to Erasmus+ and a significant number of foreign students create a unique atmosphere.

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